Jim Dare - Miami Twp

DAYTON, Ohio – Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Administrator James “Jim” Dare always dresses professionally, but he was particular dapper in his three-piece suit while donating Friday, June 9 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

Jim and his wife Paula had dinner plans Friday night as an early celebration of their 37th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  But Friday also marked Jim’s milestone 100th lifetime blood donation.

It’s no coincidence that Jim’s 34 years with the Common Pleas Court parallels his history as a blood donor. “The judges had a policy that allowed us to come down here and donate during work hours,” he said. “That’s how I got started.  (Presiding) Judge Barbara Gorman always was a long-time supporter of blood donations and they all consider that important.”

Jim and Paula’s anniversary also has a connection to his career in the court system. “She’s the one that got me interested in the court,” he said. “We met when she was a court reporter. She just retired from the prosecutor’s office.”

Jim and Paula have two children and nine grandchildren, ages three to 16. “They’re usually one at our home about every day of the week,” he said.

Jim drew closer to his 100th donation by making five donations in 2016. He reached the goal with his third donation of 2017.

His visits to CBC are especially welcome because he is both an O positive donor, the universal donor for all positive Rh blood types, and a CMV-negative “baby donor.”  CMC negative means he has not been exposed to the common cytomegalovirus.  Hospitals prefer CMV-negative units for children and to ensure safe transfusions to newborns.

“I always feel good after I do this,” he said. “You feel really powerful. You guys calling saying your blood was used for someone in the hospital – that’s a big motivator!”

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