Beth Player 100 LTD

Fairborn donor Beth Player is a “Johnny Appleseed” of blood donations.  Her blood type is O negative and she was inspired to become a donor by her father, also a “Universal Donor.”  Beth and her husband Dave have traveled the country during his U.S. Air Force career, donating together in various states.  She made her milestone 100th lifetime donation with Community Blood Center on June 29 at the Dayton Donor Center.

“I started donating in Wilmington, Delaware,” said Beth. “My father was a donor and I decided I would do this.  Every time we moved we found another place to donate.”

“My dad is an O negative,” she said. “He would always say, ‘They need, they need, they need.’  It’s a short time out of the day. It’s an easy donation.”

Beth is both an O negative donor, the universal donor for all patients in need, and a CMV-negative “baby donor.”  CMC negative means he has not been exposed to the common cytomegalovirus.  Hospitals prefer CMV-negative units for children and to ensure safe transfusions to newborns.

“We moved here in 1978,” she said. “I was probably around 79 or 80 donations.  I found out when I came here I’m CMV-negative.  I would know if needed it was going to a baby or a child.”

Beth worked most recently as a health department educator. She and Dave are now both retired. They have two children and 10 grandchildren ranging in age from 13 to two.

They donate together at mobile blood drives in the Fairborn area and at the Dayton CBC.  Dave, an O positive donor, made his 124th lifetime donation with CBC when Beth made her 100th.  Their “Johnny Appleseed” journey of helping others continues.

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