Capt. Bobby Lips Richmond PD

RICHMOND, Indiana – Richmond Police Capt. Bobby Lips had plenty of motivation for coming down to the City Council Chambers during his free time Friday, July 28 and voting with his donation in the annual Richmond ‘Cuffs & Ladders’ Blood Drive.  “Anything to beat those hosetoters!” he said.

The cops got the best of the firefighters hands down with a winning margin of 29-7.  It means the Richmond Police Department will hold the “Cuffs and Ladders” trophy for the third year in a row in the blood drive battle for bragging rights.

In the process the cops and firefighters helped support Community Blood Center by totaling 36 donors, including eight first-time donors and 33 donations for 118 percent of the collection goal.

“I tried to be neutral,” said blood drive coordinator Diane Whitehead. “I decorated with red and blue!”  As a civilian employee of the police department, Diane’s allegiance is hard to hide.  It also helped that this year’s blood drive was being held on the cops’ home turf at the city building.

“We have a lot of city employees here.  It’s an unknown element!” said Diane. “Several voted for police, but you just don’t know!”  She helped the RPD cause by recruiting her mother and three sisters to donate and vote.

It was a mix of veteran and new donors that helped carry the day for the RPD. Bob Thomas, a former reserve officer, cast his vote for the cops.  New “Cuffs and Ladders” donors included rookie cops Zach Huskisson and Julia Shank.

Zach Huskisson and Julia Shank

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