Dave Pleasant - Dayton

A special Donor Center Blood Drive is going on at the Dayton Community Blood Center in support of Dave Pleasant.  Dave is recovering from heart surgery and the Pleasant family is grateful to all the unknown donors who aided his survival by giving the “gift of life.”  They’re encouraging friends to donate in Dave’s name and sign the registry at the front desk as a show of support.

“This is Dave Pleasant and his little girl Abby Lane,” wrote Dave’s daughter Deb Pleasant.

“Dave is 77 and recently had complications from open heart surgery. He was transferred to the University of Cincinnati hospital where he went through seven surgeries.  He spent four days on bypass, 20 days in ICU and received 24 units blood.

“Because of receiving that lifesaving blood, and a great team of doctors, we are here, asking our friends to think about helping us give back.

“Before the surgery, Dave was a very active 77 year-old.  He was still building his hotrods in his small shop every day. Today, in less than two months, Dave is working on his cardio and regaining his health.

“Dave has returned to his shop and is starting to get back to doing what he loves. With the help of many friends, we’re asking if you can, to donate blood to give back in his name. Thank you to the many friends that love our Dad.”

The blood drive will continue through September at the Dayton CBC. Deb added, “Please attend the Sept. 10th car show at Rip Rap Roadhouse from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop and say hi.”

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