Fairmont High School fall 2016 blood drive

Fairmont High School in Kettering is heading back to school this fall as Community Blood Center’s new regional champion in student blood drive participation and donor loyalty.

CBC traditionally kicks off the new year of high school blood drives by honoring the highest-achieving high schools from the previous year with $1,000 High School Leadership grants awards in five categories. Fairmont earned two grant awards for 2016-2017. It claimed the top category of “Most Donors” and also the Red Cord Excellence category for the highest number of graduates who frequently supported blood drives.

Fairmont’s fall and spring blood drives totaled 438 donors, including 179 first-time donors and 332 donations for 100 percent of collection goals.  Fairmont overtook rival Wayne High School, the “Most Donors” grant winner from 2015-2016. Wayne finished second to Fairmont in the top donor category for 2016-2017 with 411 donors.

Fairmont also won the Red Cord Excellence grant for the second consecutive year. It goes to the school with the most seniors who qualified for the Red Cord Honor program by registering to donate three times or more during their high school years.  Fairmont’s class of 2017 had 136 Red Cord graduates.

Fairmont is the third largest high school in the CBC region, but the remaining grant awards went to three of the region’s smallest schools.  Seton Catholic High School in Richmond won the grant for “Highest Percentage of Enrollment” with 175 percent participating in blood drives. It marks the second year in a row that Seton Catholic has won this category and their fourth grant award in three years.

CBC honored the Horizon Science Academy Dayton for “Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment” with 110 percent participation.  The final grant for “Most Improved” went to Troy Christian High School for improving blood drive support by 77 percent.


In the 2016-2017 school year 119 high schools in CBC’s 15-county region hosted 220 blood drives, totaling 14,322 registrations to donate, 6,218 first-time donors and 11,185 blood donations.

CBC also awarded nearly 2,500 Red Cords to graduating seniors.

“We’re grateful to all our high schools for their enthusiastic support of blood drives and our mission of helping save lives, said CBC Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor. “Nearly one fourth of all our donations come from high school students. That is an important impact on our community.  From student donors in the largest high schools to the smallest, they all are making a difference.”


  • Most Donors: Fairmont High School – In 2016-2017 Fairmont’s two blood drive totaled 438 registrations to donate, including 179 first-time donors and 332 donations. Fairmont’s first victory in this category comes after a third-place finish last year.
  • Highest Percentage of Enrollment: Seton Catholic High School – Seton Catholic enthusiastically supported the school’s three blood drives in 2016-2017 with participation by 175 percent of enrollment.  They won the same category in 2015-2016 with 152 percent of enrollment, and won two grants in 2014-2015 for “Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment” and “Most Improved.” Seton Catholic will host four blood drives in 2017-2018.
  • Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment: Horizon Science Academy – Horizon Science Academy Dayton was second only to Seton Catholic High School with 110 percent of its eligible students participating in school blood drives.
  • Most Improved: Troy Christian High School – Troy Christian’s spring 2017 blood drive improved by 77 percent over the spring blood drive from the previous school year.
  • Red Cord Excellence: Fairmont High School – Fairmont earned the CBC grant for Red Cord Excellence for the second consecutive year with 136 graduating seniors qualifying for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program. Fairmont won the 2015-2016 award with 81 Red Cord graduates.

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