Seton Catholic Grant Award

RICHMOND, Indiana – Seton Catholic High School in Richmond is proving again it is a small school with a big heart.  Community Blood Center has awarded a $1,000 High School Leadership Grant to Seton Catholic for outstanding blood drive participation in 2016-2017, making it one of CBC’s most honored high schools.

Seton Catholic won the grant for “Highest Percentage of Enrollment” for 2016-2017 with 175 percent participating in blood drives. It marks the second year in a row that Seton Catholic has won this category and it is their fourth Leadership Grant award in three years.

CBC’s Melinda Frech presented the award to SCHS Principal John Markward and blood drive coordinator Shaunna Stamm during a Thursday, Aug. 18 student assembly.  The students enthusiastically supported three blood drives in 2016-2017 and will host four blood drives in 2017-2018.

“We’re trying to keep awareness and increase it every year,” said Principal Markward, who also serves as advisor to Student Council, the student sponsor group for the blood drives.

“It’s not about the award, it’s the outcome,” he said. “It’s giving back to the community. The kids are involved in it and they’re so excited about it.  This year will be the first time we’re up to four blood drives. They see what they can do to make the kind of impact that helps the community.”

Seton Catholic won “Highest Percentage of Enrollment” in 2015-2016 with 152 percent participation and won two grants in 2014-2015 for “Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment” and “Most Improved.”

Student Council will help decide how to use the grant award. Last year’s award helped fund an anti-bullying awareness program.  All third through 12th grade students received t-shirts with the message, “Speak Up. Bullying Stops Here.”

CBC traditionally kicks off the new year of high school blood drives by honoring the highest-achieving high schools from the previous year with $1,000 High School Leadership grants awards in five categories.

Horizon Science Academy Dayton was second to Seton Catholic with 110 percent participation.  Troy Christian High School won the grant for “Most Improved.” Fairmont High School in Kettering won grants for both “Most Donors” and “Red Cord Excellence.”

In the 2016-2017 school year 119 high schools in CBC’s 15-county region hosted 220 blood drives, totaling 14,322 registrations to donate, 6,218 first-time donors and 11,185 blood donations.

Seaton Catholic Student Council

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