Miami U. donor John Freim

OXFORD, Ohio – Chalk up another wildly successful “Greek Week Blood Drive” at Miami University.  Encouraged by the early opportunity to give blood, save lives, and get points in the annual Greek Week fall fraternity-sorority festival, more than 300 students supported the Sept. 12-13 blood drive at the Shriver Center.

During the Community Blood Center two-day blood drive there were 336 registrations to donate, including 119 first-time donors and a total of 207 blood donations.

The actual Greek Week festivities begin Sept. 16, which is also Homecoming Weekend. The Greek chapters at Miami earn points toward the overall Greek Week championship for every member they recruit for the blood drive.

Lily Farha, a Zeta Tau Alpha member from Wichita, Kansas, donated at the Greek Week Blood Drive for the third consecutive year. “Anytime there is a blood drive I usually do it,” she said. “And this one gives you points!”

But donors also say their main motivation is to help others, especially at a time of need in the hurricane disaster areas of Texas and Florida.

“I was into it anyway. I signed up pretty early,” said Delta Chai member John Freim, a first-time donor and a freshman from San Diego, California. “The hurricanes have been pretty destructive right now.  It’s a way to help out.”

“We’re happy to come out and give as much as we can,” said Dan Yokajty, a sophomore Alpha Sigman Phi member from Bellbrook with three lifetime donations.

“I’ve been donating a while,” said Maria Hornsby, a junior Alpha Omicron Pi member from Cincinnati. “I’m a regular. “I’m (blood type) O negative, so because I’m a ‘universal donor’ I know it’s being helpful.”

“It’s not so difficult, it’s only once in a while, and it’s helping out somebody,” said Matthew Truong, a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois.  Matthew was one of the many non-Greek students supporting the blood drive.

Students Alli Digiacomo, Alexis Abou-Arraj and Frances Sosa are from different sororities but volunteered together at the Donor Café. “I think there are a lot of people giving blood just because they want to,” they agreed.

“I just heard about it. I always wanted to donate and never had the time,” said first-time donor Cooper Brown from St. Louis, Missouri. “Today I had the time and said, ‘Why not?’”

“We didn’t win the Greek Week championship last year but we tried really hard,” said Alpha Chi Omega volunteer Rachel Hallman.  “We played really hard in the all the events and we do really well in the blood drive every year.”


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