Donor James McConnahea, wife Teesha

Urbana donor James McConnhea had a suggestion when he donated Sept. 15 at the Community Blood Center Springfield Donor Center.  Why not send CBC t-shirts to people in Texas and Florida who lost everything when the hurricanes hit?

Thanks to James and the Goshen Eagles Lodge, that idea is in motion.  On Monday, Sept. 18 James and his wife Teesha picked up a CBC donation of 600 t-shirts at CBC’s Dayton headquarters.

“A buddy of mine is an Eagle,” said James. The Goshen Aerie, FOE 3974 in Woodstock, Ohio has been holding raffles to raise money for hurricane relief, and putting together shipments of donated goods to send to Texas and Florida.

“They know a couple of trucking companies, and a buddy of mine goes to Texas every Saturday,” said James. “Whatever room he has on the truck, we can put stuff on there. As far as I know, he’ll make this drop with the Eagles in Houston.  They say, whatever room you have, whatever stuff you’ve got.”

James is a frequent donor at the Springfield Donor Center.  He is considered a “universal donor” because his type O negative blood can be transfused to any patient in immediate need.  CBC sent blood supplies to damaged blood centers in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and a particular need was type O blood.  James is glad to be part of a new way to help.

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