Scouting 4 Donors Finalists

DAYTON, Ohio – There were many “golden moments” beyond the revelation of the single golden ticket at the Thursday evening “Scouting 4 Donors Summer Blood Drive” final drawing.  The golden ticket was the only path to owning the Indian Scout Sixty, and only Urbana donor Judie Dillon had a ticket to ride.  But all will remember a moment when the outcome was yet unknown, and they pictured themselves racing the Scout Sixty into the sunset.

  • Clifford Kelley from Liberty took a half-day off from work, carefully mapped out the best route to the Dayton CBC and arrived about two hours early. He had told a friend that he was going to win the Scout Sixty, and it would outshine his friend’s Honda motorcycle. “I told him we’ll race for the title, and I’ll blow that Honda off the road!” he said.  He wistfully took pictures of the Scout with his cell phone to hold on to the memory.
  • Lois Bruns from Versailles wore her “Never Forget” 15th anniversary of 9/11” donor t-shirt from last September. “This was the reason I started donating in the first place,” she said. “You called me about being a finalist on 9/11, so I thought, pretty weird!”
  • Tammy Dammeyer from Covington thought owning the Scout Sixty would serve as a reminder of her dedication to helping save lives. It’s why she is studying to become a registered nurse, and is nearly finished with her courses. “I have one week and one day left, and then I graduate in November,” she said. “This would be a great reward.”
  • Ed Khulman from Mason was the top donor in the competition with 111 donations. When he was introduced, he proudly raised his arm, revealing his red Cobain bandage, matching his red, white and blue Military Appreciation donor t-shirt. He had come early to the final drawing so he would have time to make his 112th lifetime donation.
  • Marc Gunder from Lewisburg brought his family to help celebrate the final drawing and proudly wore his “Scouting 4 Donors” t-shirt.
  • Tyler Presley from Waynesville wore his Faurecia Emissions Control logo shirt. He was proud to enter the drawing by donating at work. He was the only finalist who could say he had actually taken a test ride on a Scout Sixty. He stood apart from the crowd quietly admiring the motorcycle.
  • Judie Dillon from Urbana, smiling as she posed next to the Scout Sixty before the drawing. She seemed destined to be the winner.  Afterwards, she happily showed the lucky four leaf clover she carried with her, a gift from a co-worker who had found it that day.  It truly brought her good fortune.
  • Tammy Dammeyer, who also seemed perhaps destined to win the Scout Sixty, was the first to congratulate Judie with a hug as she sat on the Scout Sixty moments after drawing the golden ticket.
  • Judie removing her neon pink sunglasses for the first time all evening as she posed for photos on her Scout Sixty… and wiping away her tears of joy.

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