David Gaylor 200 LTD

Back in August of 2016 when Springfield donor David Gaylor made his 175th lifetime donation he said, “I thought I was getting close to my goal of 200 donations and I’ve set a goal for 300.”  Now David can knock 200 off his bucket list and take full aim at the next big milestone.

Most of David’s apheresis donations over the years have been at the Dayton Community Blood Center. He recently moved to Springfield and has been donating at the Springfield CBC, but returned to Dayton on Sept. 29 for his milestone 200th donation.

“It seems to have gone quicker,” he said about reaching 200.  “I had about 75 donations before getting into apheresis. “I can come more often, and I can help more. I can get into a routine and try to give every two weeks.”

He made 23 platelet and plasma donations in 2016 and reached 200 with his 17th donation of 2017.

David has a long history with CBC, one of the reasons coming to donate always feels like a family visit. “I remember when I started it was before all the new construction, it was at the old Fidelity building,” he said. “When I started apheresis it was on the second floor of this building and I wondered what it was.”

David retired from NCR in ’95. He and his wife Stephanie have been married nearly 43 years and raised three sons.  One son is in Colorado and the other in Arizona. Their youngest son lives in Mechanicsburg and they moved to Springfield to be closer to their nine and 11 year old granddaughters.

When he reached his 175th donation Davis said, “It’s nice to feel you’re with friends here, you’re never a stranger, and it makes you want to come back.”  He feels the same way about the staff in Springfield.

“You develop camaraderie with the folks here,” he said. “It’s like the bar in ‘Cheers,’ everybody knows your name!”

Some of the names and faces may change, no matter how quickly David reaches his next goal of 300 donations.  But he will never be a stranger to his CBC family and his mission of helping save lives.

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