Henry Trimble 100 LTD

After 30 years of helping keep the computers and busses running smoothly at Dayton RTA, Trotwood donor Henry “Hank” Trimble is ready to ride into the sunset and retire in Florida.

But before ringing the bell with his stop coming up, he had an important ticket to punch on his bucket list. Hank cruised by his 100th lifetime donation milestone Oct. 2 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

“I try to come every month,” said Hank, who is a dedicated platelet and plasma donor. “It’s just plasma today but I usually do both.  I had a goal to get 100 because I’m retiring from RTA in January and moving to Florida, so it was kind of my goal!”

Hank plans to keep donating from his new home in the Ocala area of central Florida, but he wanted to reach his 100 donation milestone with CBC.

“I think my first time was here (at the Dayton CBC), maybe ’87,” he said about the beginning of his Donor for Life journey. “I came in to do whole blood, but when they found out I was AB positive they shifted me over here (to apheresis) immediately because I’m a universal donor for apheresis.”

“For an hour a month, it’s a small price to pay for the benefit others can get out of it,” he said.

Hank won’t be a stranger to the Miami Valley, and he hopes to make a few final donations with CBC before winter comes to Ohio and he flies south for warmer climes.

Since he’s retiring as an IT manager at RTA, he expects to stay busy with some contract work in computers. He won’t forget family and friends. “I come from a large family, but they can visit me now,” he said.

Congratulations Hank! You’ll always be a part of the CBC family as a true Donor for Life.


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