Steve Dicke 100 LTD

DAYTON, Ohio – The Northmont Animal Clinic will celebrate Dr. Steve Dicke with a round of applause, plus some barks and meows, when he arrives wearing his new Community Blood Center “Donor for Life – 100 LTD” jacket.  Steve made his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation Thursday, Nov. 9 at the Dayton Donor Center.

“It must have been 30 years ago,” Steve said about his first donation and the beginning of his journey to 100 donations. “My wife had an illness and we thought she might need blood.”

Steve was born in Dayton, grew up in Kettering and got his degree in Animal Science at Ohio State. He and his wife Debbie moved to Englewood in 1981 and bought the Northmont Animal Clinic.  He’s been in practice for 38 years.

Their sons Nate and Kyle are both Northmont High School and OSU graduates. Kyle is an equity analyst in Chicago and Nate followed his dad into a career as a vet. He graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and is now an associate at the Northmont Animal Clinic.

Steve’s blood type is O positive, the universal donor for Rh positive patients. He’s also a CMV-negative donor, which means no exposure to the cytomegalovirus.  Hospitals prefer CMV-negative blood for children and to ensure the safety of blood transfusions to newborns.

Steve is a regular at the Dayton CBC and donates three or four times a year. “I come when I have a moment,” he said. “It feels good to contribute to the community.”

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