David L. Cramer 232 LTD

Huber Heights donor David L. Cramer is looking forward to January because 2018 will mark his 50th year as a blood donor.  He has a passion for challenging himself with new goals and working hard to achieve them.  He marks his “Donor for Life” progress in gallons and on Friday, Dec. 1 he celebrated his “28 gallon” donation at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

“A donation is a pint, and a pint is a donation,” David insists with a smile.  He has 232 lifetime donations, but that includes eight apheresis donations.  He only counts his 224 whole blood donations toward his gallon total.

“My big goal now is 30 gallons,” said David as he reflected on his dedication to giving whole blood.  “This has been a career of patience. If you’re an eight-week donor you can give six times a year, and sometimes seven.”

David started donating in 1969 as a freshman at Bowling Green University.  He went to the University of Dayton and captained the baseball team. He was a Dayton Police officer for 13 years and won the Medal of Valor before retiring on disability in 1989.

His love of sports has kept him active and healthy. He was a baseball umpire for 25 years, competed in more than 36 different sports in the Senior Olympics and was inducted into the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame in 2015.

His sports training and competing regimen translates directly to his donating. He was a bone marrow donor and in 2005 donated marrow for a nine year old German boy. He was a strong supporter of the former CBC Life Leaders program and was part of six championship teams.

“I’ve been very blessed with my health, and that’s extended my career as a donor,” he said. “As long as I can keep coming down here, when the time comes, I’m going to be donating every eight weeks.”

Don’t bet against David Cramer when he has a goal in his sights, especially the 30 gallon donation mark. “If everything goes to plan,” he said, “I’m looking at May, 2020 for the big 30!”

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