Louis Lunne 100 LTD

The holidays can get a little hectic for  donor Louis “Lou” Lunne.  His eight strongly-independent children (like Lou, all business owners) and their families will gather under one roof at Christmas.  This year they will also celebrate Lou’s milestone 100th blood donation.

Lou reached his milestone with a platelet donation Dec. 6 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.  He was a donor long before moving to Dayton and donating with CBC.

“I started in ’66 in Cincinnati because a friend of mine was a hemophiliac,” he said.  “In those days it was very common need.”

Lou and his wife Kay moved to Dayton in 1976.  He operated his own financial services business and sold it just last year.  “I volunteer different places,” he said, “but I’m basically retired.”

Lou became an apheresis donor in 2012.  As his business career wound down, his donations ramped up.  He reached his 100th donation with his 21st apheresis donation of the year.

Lou hardly realized that he had reached the 100 milestone, perhaps because there is so much family planning to do this time of year.  Lou and Kay have seven sons and one daughter and 18 grandchildren.  “All of us have our own businesses,” he said, ranging from the financial services to landscaping companies.

As independent business owners, they have chosen to grow their business and families close to home. All are in the Dayton area, except one in Columbus.  One son will host everyone for a holiday dinner a week before Christmas, but Lou and Kay will have the entire family coming and going on Christmas Day.

If Lou’s milestone comes up at the family gatherings, it won’t be because Lou mentioned it. He considers it just another donation.  “I plan to keep going,” Lou said. “So it’s not like any big deal!”

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