Joe Black 100 LTD

Milestones are just part of the journey for Springboro donor Joe Black. He spent 26 years patrolling the roads as an Ohio State Trooper.  After retirement he went two years without a haircut so he could make multiple donations to the “Wigs for Kids” to help children with cancer.   On Wednesday, Dec. 20 he closed out 2017 with his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation.

Joe grew up in Dayton and proudly notes he was a member of the final graduating class at the all-male Chaminade High School in 1973 before the merger with Julienne.  He first donated blood while at the University of Cincinnati, and answered the call to become an apheresis donor in 1982. It was in the early days of the procedure when it required needled in both arms and long sessions.

“My dad had leukemia and I first started doing apheresis to give platelets for my dad,” Joe said. “They took platelets from me and my little brother. He ended up passing away shortly after that.  He might have made it today.  But I saw the need. My dad needed it and I wanted to do that.”

Joe worked at State Patrol posts in Dayton and Batavia before retiring in 2003.  His wife Lora is an occupational therapist.  They have been married 40 years and have two daughters and four grandchildren. “All girls!” he said.

He’s been able to donate more often since retiring and moving back to the Dayton area. He closed in on his milestone with 10 donations in 2016.

He has pictures of the long, braided hair all the way down his back that he grew for the “Wigs for Kids” donation.  “It wasn’t so bad when it was in a ponytail,” he said. “I learned how to use bobby pins!”

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