Russell Belue - OSU afghan winnerMiamisburg donor Russell Belue is an Ohio State fan who finished the 2017 season on a roll. He celebrated a Buckeye victory in the Cotton Bowl by winning the drawing for Fran Duell’s classic handcrafted “OSU Afghan.”

Russell claimed his prize when he stopped by the Dayton Community Blood Center Jan. 17 for his 46th lifetime blood donation.

“I’m a huge Buckeye fan,” said Russell. “I said hey – an afghan blanket!  I saw it and it looked really cool.”

Russell is a regular platelet donor.  He entered the drawing for the afghan on Dec. 21 with his ninth donation of the year.  He started donating at Miamisburg High School in 2001 and made his first platelet and plasma donation in 2007.

The drawing for the OSU Afghan began during Michigan Week and continued through the Cotton Bowl on Dec. 29.  It was impressive run for the Buckeyes who thumped their rivals, beat Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship game, then dominated the University of Southern California in the Cotton Bowl.  “It was an amazing win,” said Russell. “It was fun to watch.”

Russell’s loyalty to the Buckeyes began at a young age when he got to watch them up close in “The Shoe.”

“Back when I was 11 I was in the Boys Scouts,” he said. “OSU had a program where Scouts could go up and help people find their seats and watch the game for free. My troop was really interested and I got to watch two or three games a year in the Horseshoe.  There’s nothing like it!

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