Aliya Stine - BTR t-shirt selfieMore congratulations to 2017 CBC/Vectren Lead The Way Scholarship winner Aliya Stine, whose winning ‘Be The Red’ campaign not only earned a $1,000 scholarship, but is also the CBC donor t-shirt for the spring semester of all high school blood drives!  The Troy native and Newton High graduate kindly sent a selfie modeling the t-shirt in her dorm room at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.  She’s a freshman majoring in biology with the goal of becoming a physician’s assistant

Aliya’s “Be The Red” theme combines patriotism and unity with the common bond of blood donations.  She drew a waving American flag with three red stripes and the others white and grey. Her slogan is “Without You There’s Only White and Blue – Be The Red.”

Her former classmates at Newton High School will get the t-shirt when they register to donate at their Feb. 15 blood drive. “I’m so excited for everyone donating to be able to receive this shirt,” she said. “It will be awesome to see people wearing it and being able to see it come to life. I hope people are inspired to not only donate blood, but they are inspired to put themselves out there and apply for this scholarship.”

Deadline to apply for the 2018 Lead The Way Scholarship is April 20.

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