Randy Kreill 72 LTD

When Beavercreek ultra-marathoner Randy Kreill ran by the Dayton Community Blood Center on Feb. 16 for his milestone “nine gallon” blood donation, he was bundled up in CBC colors from his head to his fast – and often bare – feet.

Randy arrived wearing the CBC “Be a Deer – Donate Blood” long-sleeve t-shirt he received at his most recent platelet and plasma donation in December. Around his neck he wore the vintage CBC “Blood Donor – Save Lives” scarf from December 2012.  He topped off his “Donor for Life” ensemble with the current “Blood Donor Beanie.”

“I wear it all the time,” said Randy about the beanie as he donated platelets and plasma for his 72nd lifetime donation. “I’m running more winter races. I would always have a problem during the winter with sinusitis.  I cut out eating dairy and I’ve been wearing a hat and I’ve done much better.”

Randy is a cancer survivor who believes in a 100 percent plant food based, vegan diet combined with his passion for ultra-distance running.  He joined the barefoot running movement advocated by “Born to Run” author Christopher McDougall.  He runs all his races in thin, Huarache-style sandals, with one recent exception.

He acquiesced and wore trail running shoes for a 50 kilometer face over frozen, snow-covered trails of Alum Creek State Park north of Columbus in frigid January.

Randy has to strike a balance between his running and donating.  He explained how his donation scheduled slowed a bit due to a particularly active racing schedule in 2017.

“This past year has been the most I’ve ever done,” said Randy. “I ran 13 ultra-marathons in less than 12 months.  Two of the 13 were 100-mile runs.  My goal race is 100 miles.  In the last five years I attempted 10 of those and finished seven.  Sometimes the attempted ones are harder than the ones you finish!

“I average about one a month. Last spring I ran six in 11 weeks. The first and last were 100-milers. I did them all in sandals. I never got a blister, I was injury free.”

Randy’s goals for 2018 include running by the Dayton CBC often enough to achieve his “10 gallon” milestone of 80 lifetime donations.  Go Randy! Born to run, and born to donate!

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