Bob Rosencrans family and friends

DAYTON, Ohio – Family and friends of Moraine Mayor Bob Rosencrans continued the tradition of celebrating his life by giving blood in his memory and encouraging new donors at the eighth annual Bob Rosencrans Memorial Blood Drive Saturday, March 24 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

Bob Rosencrans led a life dedicated to community service, including his years on Moraine City Council and his more than 70 lifetime blood donations.  He was 61 and serving his second term as Moraine mayor in 2010 when he was killed in a car accident.  His children Megan and Wes Rosencrans have sponsored the blood drive in his memory since 2011.

“We try to get first-time donors to come out every year,” said Megan. “Even if they don’t stay on cycle every year with the blood drive, they would come back and donate again at another time.”

The Bob Rosencrans Memorial Blood Drive contributed to a very busy morning at the Dayton CBC. Twenty people signed the guest book showing their support for the blood drive.  A total of 54 whole blood donors and 16 apheresis donors registered Saturday for 116 percent of the collection goal.

Wes recruited his friend Ed Nemeth to join the ranks of first-time donors at the Bob Rosencrans Memorial Blood Drive.  Megan encouraged co-workers to donate, including Jennifer White who made her first donation with CBC.

“She sent out a notice to the whole team,” said Jennifer, who is new to Reynolds and Reynolds. “I came to Dayton in October. When I heard about this, I thought, ‘I can donate again!’”

Wes encouraged his friend Steve Stokes, who saw it as a chance to renew his commitment to donating. “I used to donate at the base (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) all the time,” said Steve. “I kind of wanted to come down here anyway. Wes said it was coming up and I thought I would go. I hoped it would work and it did, and I’ll keep coming back.”

A tradition of the blood drive is to gather family, old friends and new donors together at the Dayton CBC on a Saturday morning in March to remember Bob Rosencrans on his birthday and celebrate with cupcakes homemade by Bob’s sister Joan Buckner.

It’s traditional also for Wes and Megan to donate in their dad’s memory. Wes is a platelet donor, and made his 44th lifetime donation Saturday. Megan, a whole blood donor, made her 46th lifetime donation.  A milestone for each will be reaching 50 donations, and they are committed to making that part of the tradition. “I’m hoping I’ll get that sometime next year!” said Megan.

Danielle Tarbert donating


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