Liz 13 LTD, Todd Engel 114 LTD

Miamisburg donors Todd and Liz Engel are the parents of three young boys, and that’s usually a handful.  But spring break gave them an unusual day off on Easter Monday, and they decided to make it a “date” that included donating.

Todd is a platelet donor and a teacher at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center. Some will remember the leprechaun outfits he wore to school and at his last donation before St. Patrick’s Day.  With school out Monday, Todd scheduled an apheresis donation, and encouraged Liz to come along.

“Todd said, ‘We should go do that today, we should make it in,’” said Liz. “It’s not exactly a date. Afterwards we’re going to Costco!  But we are going to dinner at Star City Brewing Company tonight in Miamisburg.”

Liz is a whole blood donor.  She made her 13th lifetime donation then waited for Todd to complete his platelet donation.  Their sons are ages 12, five and three. She’s usually home with the kids, and runs an online dress-selling business.

This week the boys are spending spring break with Todd’s parents in Cleveland, and that was an opportunity. “Without the kids, it was ‘What do we want to do today?’” said Todd. “We have options!”

Spending part of Easter Monday at the Dayton Community Blood Center seemed a perfectly good option for two “Donors for Life.”


Paula Kalaman with Sgt. Mike Yoder

DAYTON, Ohio – The Officer John P. Kalaman Memorial Blood Drive on Friday, April 27 marks a milestone year in the Centerville community’s tribute to the young policeman.  It is the 21st blood drive in his name sponsored by his parents John and Paula Kalaman and it follows the 20th anniversary of the tragic accident that claimed his life.

Community Blood Center will hold the blood drive April 27 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the CPD training room, 155 West Spring Valley Road. Donors are encouraged to schedule an appointment online at  or call (937) 293-3373.

On Jan. 12, 1998 Centerville Police Officer John Kalaman and Washington Township Firefighter Robert O’Toole were killed, and firefighter Charles Arnold seriously injured, while responding to an accident on I-675.  A motorist lost control, crossed three lanes of traffic, and struck the men in the median.

Paula and John Kalaman led the effort to enact the “Move Over, Slow Down” law in 2009 to protect law enforcement officers and emergency responders.  It requires all motorists to move over one lane when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle on the roadside with emergency lights activated.

They sponsored the first blood drive in their son’s memory on April 27, 1998, the date of what would have been his 30th birthday.

“It’s been 20 years since the accident that created the blood drive, and now it’s the 21st annual blood drive with 4,114 units donated,” said John Kalaman. “Over the years we’ve seen a lot of the same people and every year we have new donors.  Some folks have been with us almost every year.”

September of 2017 marked the 20th annual John P. Kalaman Memorial Golf Tournament, a fundraiser for the John P. Kalaman Memorial Scholarship Fund.  In the past 20 years $256,000 in scholarships has been awarded to 51 high school graduates.

The Kalamans plan to continue the tradition of greeting donors and supporters at the blood drive and serving birthday cake in memory of their son.

“It’s one of those things where we will reach a point when we can no longer be there,” said John Kalaman. “I hope the blood center will continue the blood drive for the community and for all the people who have donated over the years. It’s all we can hope for.”