Cayley Baker donating

DAYTON, Ohio – “If I have some to spare, why not share?” said Sinclair Community College student Alexis Kinder said as she donated April 11 at the final campus blood drive of the school year. It summed up the “Tartan Strong” effort that boosted Sinclair to a 10 percent increase in blood drive participation in 2017-2018.

The spring blood drive reached 100 percent of the collection goal with 45 donors and 30 donations. Sinclair’s four blood drives during the 2017-2018 academic year totaled 163 donors, 34 first-time donors and 120 donations and averaged more than 103 percent of the collection goals.

Community Blood Center honored Sinclair with the Platinum award in the 2017 LifeSaving Ambassadors Club at the spring blood drive. It’s CBC’s top award to blood drive sponsors who achieve 100 percent or more of collection goals.

CBC presented the award to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which traditionally sponsors a blood drive in the fall and the spring. The honor students sponsored the April 11 blood drive, and kept the check-in table and Donor Café well-staffed with volunteers.

“This is one of the main things we do,” said Phi Theta Kappa member Teresa Hitch. “Last year we were overbooked and had to turn people away. This year we’ve had a steady flow.”

Recruiting for the final blood drive can be a challenge as the end of the semester nears and students focus on finals.  But student donors gave nearly equal support to last blood drive of the year as they did to their first blood drive in September.

Biology student Cayley Baker flipped through flash cards as she donated.  She started donating at Franklin Monroe High School, but this was her first donation at Sinclair. “These are for my biology test on Friday,” she said about her notes. “I saw the sign for the blood drive when I was going to lunch. I thought, I can give blood and I can study!”

Zach Smith is also a biology student, and also made his first donation at Sinclair at the year-end blood drive. He’s an O negative “universal donor” who made four donations while in high school at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  “I missed the blood drive last term,” he said, “so I’m glad they did this.”

Alexis Kinder made her second lifetime donation at the spring blood drive.  She was inspired to keep donating because of the phone call she received after her first donation telling her when and where her blood was used to help a patient.

“It’s cool that I’m able to do something about it directly if someone needs blood,” said Alexis.

Sinclair will launch the 2018-2019 school year with a CBC blood drive on Sept. 19.

Sinclair Phi Theta Kappa LAC 2017 Platinum Award

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