Julia Bauer and Madeline Salach

DAYTON, Ohio – The trees remain barren and winter coats still abound at the University of Dayton, even on April 17 as the RecPlex hosted the final blood drive of the school year.  Not to worry, spring will surely come, just as UD students keep coming to blood drives.

Graduation is a just a couple of weeks away, but the Flyers took time to support the blood drive with 62 donors, including 13 first-time donors and 49 donations for 117 percent of the collection goal.

Service to others is a common mission at UD. The Alpha Epsilon Delta National Health Preprofessional Honor Society and the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity sponsored the blood drive. Members helped recruit donors and volunteered in the Donor Café.

“We always say, it’s a testimony to the students,” said Campus Recreation Director Melissa Longino. “It’s always about the betterment of their organization and outward to the community.”

CBC presented the 2017 Platinum Award in the LifeSaving Ambassadors Club to UD at the final blood drive. In 2017 UD hosted eight blood drives, totaling 640 donors and including 265 first-time donors and 505 donations. Platinum is CBC’s highest award to sponsor for achieving 100 percent or more of collection goals.

“There is no fatigue to it,” said Operations and Administration Associate Director Dave Ostrander. “Other things may taper off, but there’s no slowing down at the blood drives.”

“I’m a strong, able-bodied person and I want to help people not as able-bodied,” said donor Beth Shannon, a junior from Cincinnati. “I’ve been blessed and I want to help them, it’s saving lives.”

The idea of helping others inspires the future health professional volunteers. “It’s a good experience for us to see how the blood supply starts, and the awareness of it,” said Alpha Epsilon Delta volunteer Andrea Vietti. “I’m glad that we have this opportunity.”

Nikki Meyer is a junior from Anna who started donating at Anna High School.  She made her 18th lifetime donation at the UD blood drive.  It’s a remarkable donor history for her age, but she sees it as only a beginning.

“I just want to make as many donations as I can,” said Nikki. “I’m trying to beat my grandpa’s record. He died at 65 years of age in a car accident. In his life he donated 16 gallons of blood.”

University of Dayton LAC 2017 plat

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