Justin Adams 101 LTD

Dayton donor Justin Adams was pumped up about making his milestone 100th lifetime donation on April 7 at the Dayton Community Blood Center, and he was still pumped when he returned for his 101st on May 3.

“When I donated on April 7 it was the 20th anniversary of donating for the first time on my 17th birthday,” Justin said.  He gives credit to his mom for inspiring his “Donor for Life” journey.

“My mom had been donating for years,” he said. “I remember she told me they can donate at 17 and I said ‘Sure!’”

Justin became a regular donor at the Dayton CBC and continued to donate when he went off to school at Earlham College in Richmond. “I was religious there too!” he said.

He missed donating while in graduate school at the University of Michigan, and quickly got back on schedule when he returned to Dayton.  In 2009 be began donating platelets. “As soon as I came back from graduate school, right after my first time donating again, they asked me about apheresis.”

Justin enjoys his work installing software for Tyler Technologies.  He and his wife Joanna celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary this week.

He reached his 100 donation milestone with his fourth platelet donation of 2018 and is well on his way to maintaining his average of about nine platelet donations per year.  It’s just part of the journey for a “Donor for Life.”

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