Mary Moorman 200 LTD

Kettering donor Mary Moorman is a “Donor for Life” who learned by example and has set an example in her family for giving blood.  She’s a dedicated platelet donor and celebrated her milestone 200th lifetime donation on May 4 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

“I started donating at my first job, a company in Eaton called Dayton Flexible Products,” Mary said. “We had a mobile blood drive a few times a year.  It seemed like something good to do. My father was always a blood donor. I remember him donating when I was growing up near Chillicothe.”

Mary has been a platelet donor since December of 2005.  She tries to donate every two weeks. She drew closer to her 200th milestone with 18 donations in 2017 and reached the goal with her 10th donation of 2018.

“I remember when they asked would I consider doing platelets,” she said. “I started and had have been giving platelets ever since. It worked out fine!”

Mary schedules her donations around her part-time work schedule and also finds time for quilting and traveling.  Her husband Doug works at the University of Dayton Research Institute and they just celebrated their 36th anniversary.

She learned about donating from her dad, and passed it on to her own daughter. “I was donating when my daughter was young and I would bring her with me,” she said. “She’s a donor now.”

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