Lead The Way Winner Kayla Helmick

CEDARVILLE, Ohio – Community Blood Center and Vectren awarded a $1,000 Lead The Way Creative Scholarship to Cedarville High School senior Kayla Helmick for her “Be Brave… and Save!” blood drive campaign during the school’s May 14 Service and Leadership Awards ceremony.

Lead The Way applicants were challenged to design a winning marketing campaign for a high school blood drive. They submitted a campaign slogan, explained why it would encourage fellow students to donate, and expressed their campaign theme with innovative and artistic marketing techniques.

Kayla caught the judges’ attention by designing a poster with a detailed drawing of the human heart. She included thought-provoking information about blood donations along the arteries branching from her heart design and her slogan “Be Brave… and Save!”

“I really geared by poster towards those who are afraid of needles,” Kayla wrote. “This is what sparked by interest in this scholarship. I think this poster would be very successful in pointing out that having a little bravery and getting past the thought of needles can have a huge impact and save someone’s life.”

Cedarville Principal Chad Haemmerle, blood drive coordinator and Key Club advisor Rita Doyle, and CBC Account Representative Cora Johnson presented the award to Kayla. The school blood drive is sponsored by the Key Club and is part of “Spirit of Giving Week” at CHS.

“We do emphasize service here,” said Principal Haemmerle. “We want to serve others. It’s a quality, a value and a tradition, a personal standard that will serve you for life. Kayla is a terrific kid. She’s always serving others, in her school work, athletics, and community. She does everything she’s asked to do and more.”

Kayla plans to study exercise science and nutrition at Miami University. She hopes to start her own business helping people live healthier lifestyles.


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