Lead The Way Scholarship - Hayley Maher

GREENVILLE, Ohio – Community Blood Center and Vectren awarded a $1,000 Lead The Way Creative Scholarship to Greenville Senior High School senior Hayley Maher for her “Blood Gives” blood drive recruitment campaign.

Hayley is the class of 2018 valedictorian at Greenville Senior High School and has made five lifetime blood donations. Her “Blood Gives” campaign featured a video and it received the highest score from the Lead The Way judges.

“Giving blood is a celebration of the little things in life that recipients of blood donations are able to experience more of,” she wrote. “Birthdays, family vacations, laughs with friends, anniversaries, and hundreds of other invaluable life experiences.”

She illustrated the “blood gives more life” theme both in a graphic design for a blood drive t-shirt, and in an original video montage of life celebrations. The video also includes facts about blood donations, images from the school blood drive, and multiple interviews with classmates about why they donate.

Hayley plans to study exercise science at the University of Mount Union with the goal of working in sports medicine. She is a member of the Medical Tech Prep program at Greenville High, the student group that sponsors the spring blood drive.

“Hayley is an outstanding student,” said Medical Tech Prep teacher and blood drive coordinator Amanda Koenig. “The blood drives are a good experience. At Med Tech the students are interested in pre-med and health careers and with the blood drive they feel more connected.”

The 2018 Lead The Way winners include: Mikayla Schaffner from Miami East High School; Karson Hudson from Valley View High School; Kacie Tackett from Newton High School; and Kayla Helmick from Cedarville High School.


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