Vicky Waldren 100 LTD jacket

Xenia donor Vicky Waldren still cherishes a special gift from her father-in-law Harry Waldren. It serves as a sparkling reminder of how she became a “Donor for Life.” When she made her milestone 100th lifetime donation July 3 at the Dayton Community Blood Center it was in his honor.

“It’s in memory of my father-in-law,” said Vicky. “He was a good old guy. It’s a tribute to him. He was the one the one that got me donating blood.”

Harry Waldren passed away many years ago, but Vicky still follows his example.

“My father-in-law was a Shriner and we would go down to the Shrine to give blood quite often,” she said. She recalled that members could earn service points to be redeemed for gifts. As an active Shriner, Harry had earned plenty of points.

“One day he gave me his points and I got a half-carat diamond ring,” said Vicky. “I still have the ring.”

Vicky and her husband Fred have been married nearly 49 years and have two daughters. Vicky has retired after 25 years with Chase Bank. “I do a lot of sewing,” she says of her favorite pastime. “I embroider a lot!”

She’s been a dedicated donor at the Dayton CBC over the decades and still tries to average three donations per year.

“It takes an hour,” she said. “I am doing it for someone else that needs my blood.”