David L. Cramer 237 LTD

Huber Heights donor David L. Cramer is celebrating his 50th year as a blood donor by “pinning” his hopes on his goal of donating 30 gallons of whole blood.  To “needle” himself toward completion, and to enlist the support of friends along the way, he created a “50 Years Whole Blood Donor” commemorative pin.

David visited the Dayton CBC to make his 237th lifetime donation on Sept. 10. He wore the pin on the “25 Gallon Whole Blood Donor” ball cap he made after he reached his 200 lifetime donation milestone.  His overall total includes eight apheresis donations but he only counts his 229 whole blood donations toward his 30-gallon (240 LTD) goal.

“A donation is a pint, and a pint is a donation,” David always says.

“I have two more to go this year,” said David. (Whole blood donors must wait 56 days to be eligible for their next donation). “If I’m able to give in December it will be the seventh donation of the year for me. You don’t get to do that very often.”  He would then need just four more donations to reach 30 gallons.

Seven donations would cap a special year, celebrated by his commemorative pin.  He started the year with 200 pins, but his supply is getting lower as he gives them to friends.

The pin features a red blood drop with “50 Years” in gold lettering. The background is pink as a tribute to the fight against cancer, and includes “apheresis donor” and his years as a “bone marrow donor.” The outer circle of the pin is in red and includes his name and “Whole Blood Donor 1969-2018.”

David started donating in 1969 as a freshman at Bowling Green University.  He went to the University of Dayton and captained the baseball team. He was a Dayton Police officer for 13 years and won the Medal of Valor before retiring on disability in 1989.

His love of sports has kept him active and healthy. He was a baseball umpire for 25 years, competed in more than 36 different sports in the Senior Olympics and was inducted into the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame in 2015.

David’s Sept. 10 visit to CBC coincided with the Sinclair Community College baseball’s team annual visit.  The team is encouraged to donate by Coach Steve Dintaman. David met Steve after donating and talked about baseball and blood donations.

Steve, who has 39 lifetime donations, was impressed by David’s 30-gallon goal.  David was impressed by Steve’s record at Sinclair that includes eight conference championships and two trips to the Junior College World Series.  Both are donors who swing for the fences.

David L. Cramer 50 Year Donor Pin