Laura Walker, Myla Cardona-Jones

Colorful rubber balls served as ballots in the third annual Sinclair Community College “Battle of the Badges Blood Drive” Sept. 19 in the campus library.  The Criminal Justice and Fire Science competition kicks-off the new school year of blood drives on campus, and for the second straight year the ball bounced in favor of the future firefighters.

“We’ve got the little bouncy balls going in the jars this year, we thought we’d try that out,” said Fire Science Professor Laura Walker. The red Fire Science jar collected 18 balls as donor votes, compared to 13 in the blue Criminal Justice jar.

It means Fire Science will keep the unique “Battle of the Badges” Public Safety trophy for another year.  On display at the blood drive, the trophy is a work of recycled art that features a fire hose nozzle, oxygen tank, body armor vest and a training pistol.

Donor Marinda Myers, a bio-tech student from Beavercreek, juggled a rubber ball back and forth in her hands before deciding to vote for police. “I took forensics, but I changed to EMS because at the time I was planning on becoming an EMT,” she said as she explained her indecision.

“They’re both good,” said radiology student Gabby Wacker from Miamisburg as she voted for police. “You can’t lose!”

The competition was again a win for Community Blood Center and patients in need of blood. The blood drive totaled 37 donors, including 13 first-time donors and 30 donations for 111 percent of the collection goal.

“The Battle of the Badges is about giving back to the community,” said Laura. “It’s something we talk about in class. This is something a student can do right now to make a difference.  The big picture in Fire Science is going to a house on someone’s worst day. You may not always be able to help. But this is one thing you can do to help a person.”

The Battle of the Badges is an opportunity for students to learn more about Sinclair’s six “Career Communities,” which includes the multiple careers in the “Law and Public Safety” community that includes Criminal Justice and Fire Science technologies.

“We’re talking about putting a gavel on top of the trophy next year for paralegal careers,” said Myla Cardona-Jones who teaches in the para-legal program and spoke to students about Career Communities at the blood drive.

“Law enforcement teaches how to be a better person and help the community,” said Laura Walker. “The blood drive is something you can do to make a difference in peoples’ lives too.”

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society sponsors Sinclair’s four annual blood drives.  The next blood drive in the Sinclair library will be Nov. 29.

Gabby Wacker donating


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