Fairmont High Leadership Awards

Community Blood Center awarded $2,000 in High School Leadership grants to Fairmont High School in Kettering as the region’s top high school in both blood drive participation and donor loyalty for the second consecutive year.

CBC awards $1,000 High School Leadership grants annually in five categories. Fairmont won the top category of “Most Donors” among the 113 high schools in CBC’s 15-county region that hosted 217 blood drives during the 2017-2018 school year.

Fairmont also won the category of “Red Cord Excellence” for the highest numbers of graduating seniors who frequently supported blood drives. They qualify for the Red Cord Honor Program by registering to donate at least three times during their high school years.

It was the second consecutive year Fairmont has won the “Most Donors” grant and the third consecutive year it has won the “Red Cord Excellence” grant.

“Obviously this is working well at Fairmont,” said Fairmont Activities Coordinator Corey Miller. “We have a ton of support from not only our staff and students, but also our Allied Health classes and our United Student Body volunteers.”

Corey credits Fairmont’s recruitment system. “We send an information packet to every kid that is eligible to donate,” she said. “We don’t just make an announcement in the office.”

The packet includes consent forms, appointment schedule, and preparation tips for making a successful donation. “Everyone gets one for every drive,” said Corey.

Fairmont’s 2017-2018 blood drives totaled 416 donors, including 161 first-time donors and 324 donations for 101 percent of collection goals.  Fairmont’s class of 2018 had 119 Red Cord graduates.

Fairmont’s first blood drive of the 2018-2019 school year will be Oct. 26.

The 2017-2018 High School Leadership grant winners include: Seton Catholic High School for “Highest Percentage of Enrollment Donating,” Houston High School for “Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment Donating,” and Central Catholic High School for “Most Improved.”