Doug Minneman 100 LTD

Union donor Doug Minneman has been a loyal “Donor for Life” for decades, regular donating whole blood at the Dayton Community Blood Center.  He enjoyed an extra satisfaction after making his milestone 100th donation on Oct. 22.

“I did want to hit 100,” Doug said.  “I thought it would be fun to do it.”

It’s not every donor that gets a visit from CBC’s top management while accomplishing a milestone, but dedication to the cause comes in the family.  Doug is married to CBC Chief Operating Officer Jodi Minneman.

“You know, you started donating when I started here way back in 1983,” Jodi reminded Doug.  “We got married in ’84, on the first Saturday after I had been here a year.”

Jodi started in the CBC labs, and ironically Doug’s blood drew the attention of technicians in the rare blood lab.  Since his blood type is O negative, Doug is a “universal donor” for all patients in need of transfusion. But his blood is also a match for patients with certain rare attributes.

That inspired Doug’s dedication to donating.  He averages five donations per year and reached his milestone 100th donation with his third donation of 2018.

Doug and Jodi have a daughter Leah.  She grew up familiar with two “family” businesses. One is Jodi’s dedication to CBC, and Doug’s history as a “Donor for Life.” Doug has also worked 34 years helping run MTM Molded Products, a Dayton business family owned and operated since 1968.


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