John Lynn 100 LTD

Union donor John Lynn is a former U.S. Air Force medic and a retired mail carrier, with a downtown Dayton route that included Community Blood Center.  He made a very special delivery Oct. 18 when he made his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation with CBC.

John’s retirement after 34 years with the U.S. Postal Service was well-earned. “It was six days a week, 40 to 60-hour weeks, 10-11 hours every day,” he said.  His last 15 years was spent on the downtown beat, all on foot, with a special mission to make CBC mail arrived on time. “The mail has to be delivered!” he said.

He was also on a mission to donate, averaging five or six donations per year and reaching his 100 milestone with his fifth donation of 2018.  His CBC donation history does not include his time in the service.

“I started when I was in the Air Force in Illinois,” John said. “I was a medic, and if you were a medic you had to do at least one!”

John prepared for his military service at the former Patterson Co-Op High School, where he studied medical arts.  He missed just three out of a thousand questions in a medic by-pass test that helped him earn a place on “Mobility Team B,” an elite medical evacuation team.

“Team A went down in the Iran hostage rescue crash in 1980,” he said. “We were always on call.”

He served six years in the U.S. Air Force, including two years in reserve at Wright-Patt, before transitioning to the postal service.

John’s wife Carol is a science teacher at Mound Street Academy.  Their two children were both classical musicians at Stivers School for the Arts.  Their daughter Candace is a civil engineer, and their son Jonathon works in anthropology and linguistics.  He wanted them to have opportunities he didn’t have when he was young

“I wanted to be a physician,” he said. “I grew up the youngest of eight kids. We just didn’t have the money.”

He remains inspired to be a “Donor for Life.”

“Because I was a medic, I always wanted to give back,” John said. “It was my way of helping.”

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