Nancy Weisner 100 LTDEnglewood donor Nancy Weisner celebrated her milestone 100th lifetime donation Oct. 30 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.  Leading her cheering section was her husband Jim, the other half of the Weisner “Donor for Life” team.

Jim and Nancy were high school sweethearts and will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year. They’re both retired nurses and are the parents of twins with four grandchildren.  Jim made his 111th lifetime donation on Sept. 4.

Family inspired Nancy to become a donor. “I just remember when my grandfather broke his hip and needed surgery,” Nancy said. “It was in the ‘70’s. Back then if your family used blood you replaced it. That’s when it all started.”

Nancy and Jim were attending different high schools when they met. Jim was in the class of ’65 at Chaminade and Nancy graduated from Alter in ’66. They met just before her senior year.

They worked as nurses at St. Elizabeth Hospital. “We were on different floors at St. E,” said Nancy. “He was in orthopedics and I was in cardiac.”

Jim’s nursing career didn’t begin until he returned from serving in the Vietnam War. He went into the U.S. Army after graduating from Wright State University.

“Her mom was a nurse,” said Jim. “That was why she became a nurse and that got me into nursing too.  I served in Vietnam as an Army artillery officer with the 101st Airborne and came out as a first lieutenant.”

Jim and Nancy have kept an equal pace as “Donors for Life.”  Nancy tries to average four donations per year and reached her milestone 100th donation with her third donation of 2018.  They continue to be the type of couple that can finish each other’s sentences, especially when they talk about their dedication to giving blood.

“It’s such a simple thing, but it’s a good thing to do,” said Nancy.

“It’s a community service,” said Jim.

“It is,” agreed Nancy. “And it’s not that hard to do.”


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