Lynne Gallaher 100, Kathy Class 13 LTD

Clayton donor Lynne Gallaher and her daughter Kathy enjoyed a special “girls on the town” outing after their Oct. 11 visit to the Dayton Community Blood Center.  They were celebrating Lynn’s milestone 100th lifetime donation.

Lynn’s journey to her 100th donation began with a simple inspiration.  “I was working at NCR,” she said. “On my way home from work I just stopped. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.”  Visits to the Dayton Donor Center became a routine. “So then I would leave work at five and buzz in and out.”

As Lynn made her 100th donation Kathy was nearby making her 13th lifetime donation.  “I’m retired,” said Lynne.  “I kind of got out of my routine, but now I have my daughter, and we come together.”

“We normally come together,” said Kathy.  Afterwards, its errands or shopping “and we go have lunch. It’s the girls out on the town!”

After retiring Lynne averaged two or three donations per year.  But she reached the 100 milestone with her fifth donation of 2018.

Lynne has a simple reason to stay loyal to her donation routine: “It’s just the fact that it’s needed,” she said. “Once you get into the routine it’s easier.”


Drew Titone 100 LTD, Karen 80 LTD

Springfield donors Drew and Karen Titone celebrated joint milestones with their side-by-side donations Oct. 15 at the Springfield Community Blood Center. Drew achieved his 100th lifetime donation and Karen reached the “10 gallon” mark with her 80th lifetime donation.

“Drew and his wife Karen almost always come together to donate,” said Springfield Donor Center Team Leader Beryl Boggess.  “This was his 100th and her 80th.  Drew’s dad always donated and that is why he started. Karen started when one of her relatives needed blood.”

It has become a rare occasion when Drew and Karen do – not – donate together, though it does happen occasionally.  Drew reached his milestone with his third donation of 2018; for Karen, it was her fifth donation of the year.

Both drew closer to their milestones by making the maximum of six whole blood donations each in 2017.

Drew’s blood type is O positive, the universal donor for Rh positive patients.  Karen is a CMV negative “baby donor” because she has never been exposed to the common cytomegalovirus.  Hospitals prefer CMV-negative blood for the safety of children and especially newborns.

“They are very dedicated donors,” said Beryl.  “We always look forward to visiting with them too.”