Tim Schubach 100 LTD

Miamisburg donor Tim Schubach was proud to reach his milestone 100th lifetime donation on Nov. 13 by donating platelets. He knows how important this blood component is to helping cancer patients, and he considers it the best way to honor a friend.

“I started donating around 2003,” Tim said of his “Donor for Life” journey.   “It couldn’t have been more than a few years after that I started donating double red cells.  When they called me and said they had a need for platelets, I was up for whatever they needed.”

Tim made the switch to platelets donations in 2014. His blood type is B positive, making him an ideal donor for platelets. He considered it a calling.

“My best friend Roger Wright used to dress up in a blood drop outfit at Epiphany Lutheran Church to get people to donate,” said Tim. “He worked me over and got me started!  He couldn’t donate any longer because of cancer, but he got me started.  He passed away a few years ago.”

Tim’s career has been in project management.  Tim and his wife Rita have been married for nearly 35 years and have two children and five grandchildren, ranging in age from nine to one and a half.

Tim has averaged 10 platelet and plasma donation a year, but in 2018 he doubled his effort.  He reached his milestone 100th donation with his 22nd donation of the year.

“It’s simple,” he said. “If it can help someone; it doesn’t hurt.  It doesn’t take much time.  The people here are very friendly. It’s the least that I can do.”