Wendell Clark 680 LTD

As Thanksgiving Day nears, it’s hard to imagine how many patients owe thanks to Eaton donor Wendell Clark.

Community Blood Center’s all-time top blood donor just celebrated another milestone on his remarkable journey as a “Donor for Life.” Wendell’s platelet donation on Nov. 18 marked his 680th lifetime donation, the equivalent of 85 gallons of giving.

Wendell last made headlines on Dec. 12, 2016 when he was inducted into the Fresenius Kabi National Donation Hall of Fame while making his 628th lifetime donation.

Wendell had been CBC’s top active donor since 2010. He became CBC’s “Top Donor of All Time” with his 602nd lifetime donation in 2013.

Wendell’s next goal is to become the first CBC donor to reach 700 lifetime donations.  But he allowed himself a moment to reflect on his 680 milestone.  He said the turning point came when Collection Services Director Kay Ollech recruited him to become a platelet and plasma donor.

“When Kay asked me to start doing this, I had no idea I’d be doing number 680 today,” Wendell said. “That’s when it really snowballed.”

Wendell’s AB positive blood type made him an ideal plasma and platelet donor.  “I said, do you prefer I only do platelets and plasma?  They said if I would, they would love it.” He was soon making the maximum 24 platelet donations per year, plus plasma donations.

An amazing footnote to his donor record is that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. He underwent successful surgery and was deferred from donating for two years.  Nearly two years to the minute from that surgery he was back in a CBC donor bed making his 609th lifetime donation.

“Since my prostate surgery I’ve been coming every two weeks,” he said.

Wendell routinely donates after leaving work at Neaton Auto Products Manufacturing in Eaton.  That schedule will soon change because he plans to retire Feb. 1, 2019 after more than 31 years with Neaton.

He will focused more than ever on reaching 700 donations sometime in 2019.



MVCTC Red Cord 2018-19

ENGLEWOOD, OHIO – Thanksgiving week is truly the season of giving at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  Many students are in training for careers in healthcare and they consider it a common cause to rally support for the annual Thanksgiving week blood drive.

MVCTC’s Tuesday, Nov. 20 blood drive boosted the Community Blood Center holiday blood supply by registering 206 donors for 122 percent of the collection goal.  The 168 units donated was a 15 percent increase over last year’s fall blood drive, and the 101 first-time donors represented a 20 percent jump.

“Thanksgiving is a busy time when people need blood because so many people are traveling,” said blood drive coordinator Paula Wathen. “We always schedule it for this week, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It’s a yearly event for us.”

HOSA Future Health Professionals is the traditional student sponsor group for the blood drive.  MVCTC hosts two blood drives during the school year and in 2017-2018 totaled 410 donors, including 150 first-time donors and 297 donations for 112 percent of collection goals.

Biotechnology Program instructor and HOSA advisor Erin Moden sees her lab converted into a bustling Donor Room for the blood drive with HOSA members serving as volunteers.

Pre-nursing student Eme Maxon from Milton-Union High School made her third lifetime donation Tuesday. “I want to be a pediatric nurse, she said. “I love children.  I want to save lives. I’m O positive and saving a life always feels good.”

Miranda McClurg is a senior from Versailles High School in the MVCTC Allied Health Program and hopes to become a CareFlight nurse.  She made her fourth lifetime donation Tuesday.  She said part of her dedication comes from being a “Universal Donor.”

“I’m O negative, so I feel like I have to,” she said. “But I like donating too, the fact that I can help everyone.”

McKenzie Oehlerts, a junior from Tippecanoe High School, is a Health Occupation student and wants to be a surgeon someday. She made her second lifetime donation and said, “I’m an organ donor too.”

HOSA member Melina Valdivia was one of the 101 first-time donors at Tuesday’s blood drive. “I just like helping others out!” she said.

MVCTC received a CBC High School Leadership grant in 2015 for “Red Cord Excellence,” an indicator of strong student support at multiple blood drives.  The class of 2015 had 96 graduates who qualified for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program by registering to donate at least three times during their high school career.

Eme Maxon 3 LTD