Joe Hausfeld 100 LTDWhen a police cruiser answers an emergency call and comes sliding to a halt at a crime scene, the officers can thank Joe Hausfeld for helping them get there on time.  It’s Joe’s job to maintain those vehicles when they make pit stops at the Montgomery County maintenance and service department.

Joe also answers the call when it comes to blood donations.  On Dec. 12 he celebrated his milestone 100th lifetime donation at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

“I started when I was working for the City of Kettering garage in ’85,” Joe said. “It was a mobile blood drive back then. For a long time I didn’t donate, then I started coming down here.”

Joe averages six whole blood donations per year and he reached his milestone with his fifth donation of 2018.  He said his “Donor for Life” journey has been inspired by his father, Clarence Hausfeld.

“My dad used to donate a lot,” Joe said. “He was AB negative, and his blood was rare (only point-six percent of the population is blood type AB negative). He got leukemia and wasn’t able to donate anymore.”

Leukemia eventually claimed Clarence’s life, but he left a legacy as a donor. “He worked at United Color Press,” said Joe. “They (CBC) would call him up and say they had someone who needed his blood right now if he could get over here.”

Joe and his wife Rhonda live in Riverside and have been married 18 years and have two daughters, ages 17 and 10.  Their oldest Megan began donating at Carroll High School and now has four lifetime donations.

There is no stopping Joe, and now Megan, on their “Donor for Life” journeys.  At work, Joe will continue making sure the SWAT team vehicle and the police cruisers can stop on a dime.

“When I work on the cop cars it’s a lot of brakes!” he said.

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