Unity Award Alter 2018

KETTERING, Ohio – Archbishop Alter High School presented the $1,000 Unity in the Community Award to Diabetes Dayton at the Dec. 21 Alter-Fairmont basketball game. The Knights and Firebirds were rivals on the court, but partners in the fourth annual Community Blood Center/Universal 1 Unity in the Community campaign.

“Unity in the Community” is a partnership between Archbishop Alter and Fairmont High Schools, CBC and Universal 1 Credit Union.  Both schools host fall blood drives and jointly present a $1,000 award sponsored by Universal 1 to a designated charity.

The Alter and Fairmont blood drives totaled 225 donors, including 106 first-time donors, and resulting in 184 donations.

The schools alternate identifying a charity to receive the award and this year was Alter’s turn to choose. The student sponsor organization for Alter blood drives is the CURE club, a cancer research advocacy and support group.  CURE President Jessie Haaker said the club and Alter blood drive coordinator and school nurse Jeanne Kernan chose Diabetes Dayton, a diabetes support organization.

“Mrs. Kernan’s son has diabetes and my father has it,” said Jessie. “It’s something we volunteer for and support.”   The $1,000 Unity Award will help with education classes, a summer camp and low-cost medical supplies for families in need. “Sometimes it hits families who can’t afford to take care of it,” said Jesse.

First photo:

Back row: Jeanne Kernan( alter coordinator) ;Garret Gallion (Fairmont USB) ;Dan Gouge ( universal 1 Credit Union); Andrew Sarmir; Miles Kelley (both Fairmont USB) ; Tyler Alexander ( principal)

Front row: Mary Cook ( universal 1 Credit Union); Susan McGovern, Diabetes Dayton; Jessie Haeger ,Alter Cure Club and blood drive coordinator; Emma Kane , Emma Pepper, Ashlyn Coleman and Becca Krieger ( Fairmont USB), Donna Teuscher, Community Blood Center.

Second Photo:

Jeanne Kernan, Alter HS nurse and blood drive coordinator; Dan Gouge, Universal 1 Credit Union; Mary Cook, Universal 1 Credit Union; Jessie Haeger, Alter Cure Club and blood drive coordinator; Susan McGovern, Diabetes Dayton.

Unity Award Alter-U1 2018.jpg


Theo Hale WDTN TVOakwood donors Glenn Stoops and Theodore Hale are 57 years apart in age, but share a strong bond as “Donors for Life” and friends for life. They celebrated more milestone donations together Friday, Dec. 28 at the Dayton Blood Center “New Year’s Resolution Party” with Glenn making his 315th lifetime donation, and at just age 19, Theo making his milestone 25th lifetime donation.

It was an extra special donation because both Glenn and Theo were interviewed by WDTN-TV reporter Catherine Ross for her report about the New Year’s Resolution donors.

Glenn talked about becoming a donor after receiving two units of blood during surgery. “I feel it helps people,” he told Catherine. “It doesn’t cost me a thing and it’s a good way to help people.”

Theo is not only a young milestone donor.  He’s also a young platelet and plasma donor. He explained to Catherine why giving platelets is so important.  “It clots the blood,” he said. “You can need some if you’re in a car accident, or even in a bicycle accident. I rode my bike here today.”

Glenn served as Theo’s role model in becoming a donor, and becoming an avid cyclist.  The two have donated together on many occasions, and they have logged hundreds of miles on their bicycles together.

They both look forward to rolling down the road into the year 2019, doing their part to help save lives.

Before hitting the road on his bicycle, Theo shared an apple juice toast in a New Year’s champagne flute with another “Donor for Life” friend Judy LaMusga, who made her 477th lifetime donation.  Judy is CBC’s second-ranked female donor.  She’s been a friend of CBC for decades, but to her Theo stand outs.  “He’s a special donor, a special young man and a very special friend,” she said.

Theo - Judy LaMusga toast